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Our workload is simply outsourced design fulfillment. This means that our business model is devoted purely to design agencies.

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What’s going on at Design Ontap · 27 March 06

Since July of 2004 (the last time we posted a news story) we have had substantial growth, in more ways than one. We’ve set-up a new office, our Reading Studio and our Barrow Studio is coming soon (July 06).

We have finally got round to designing and printing our own stationery too. It’s kind of like a plumber who works all day and comes home to a dripping tap that has needed his attention for months. Here are a couple of pictures (the spot UV doesn’t show up particularly well):

Design Ontap Stationery

The technical side of the business has probably grown the most. We’ve worked on some pretty high profile and tricky stuff such as online auctioning for TV advertising slots. We are experienced in:

As well as illustration, branding and website mock-up design we can also organise and art-direct photo shoots or corporate videos. We’ve also done some video editing too.

Due to popular demand we now offer hosting reseller accounts. We have a couple of dedicated servers in a data-farm managed by an independent UNIX guru. To those who outsource their web programming to us benefit by having zero hosting related problems when we make a site go-live. Apparently we are also cost effective (it just saves us a headache really).

We plan on building a whole new website which will be marked-up better and reflect our new livery featured on our stationery. The site will also include blogs from key staff sharing their day-to-day findings and experiences.

Well that’s it for now we’ll keep you all updated as-and-when.

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Big show offs · 17 July 05

Comic style 3D animation Here at Design Ontap we quite often have trouble explaining in short “what we do”, so we thought an animation would help.

The short 55-second presentation also shows off our abilities in the area of 3D. As the work we produce is handed over to our customers, design agencies, it’s always hard to give new customers a feel for what we can actually achieve – especially 3D.

To view the 3D presentation go to the what do we do page.

* * *, Feature · 31 January 05

Read the article, a MAC community website with almost a million members, have written an article regarding Design Ontap.

This first instalment of three demonstrates that outsourcing design to a company is a more logical choice than using a freelancer. The key benefits described by Spymac Inc are “contingency, less conflict of interest and cost”.

Being mostly MAC based at Design Ontap we are very proud to receive acknowledgement from one the most recognised websites in the MAC world.

Read the Spymac feature online.

Register to be a Spymac member.

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Computer Arts Magazine, News Analysis. · 22 January 05

Download the article - PDF format “The future of freelance”

‘Computer Arts’, the world’s best-selling creative magazine, have published an article regarding the temporary use of freelancers.

This is a detailed two-page news analysis highlighting the existing downfalls of the freelance market. It provides a balanced perspective of the Design Ontap solution to common pitfalls. We feel that this recognition from such a prestigious publication adds further confidence in the Design Ontap philosophy. Also, with rapid change in all areas of the design industry, this acknowledgement supports our status as leaders in our field of expertise. We hope that you enjoy the read!

Download the article (PDF Document).

Subscribe to ‘Computer arts’ .

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